Today, SAGE advocates with and on behalf of LGBTQ+ elders nationwide. We operate five bustling, activity-filled SAGE Centers in New York City, and our affiliate network programs events and services throughout the U.S. that are specifically geared toward the older LGBTQ+ community. We’ve built affordable LGBTQ-welcoming housing in NYC, and we’ve trained over 100,000 care providers across the U.S. on how to best meet the needs of the nation’s large and growing LGBTQ+ elder population.

And we are now a somewhat larger group of passionate, dedicated employees in locations across the country.

Michael Adams

Chief Executive Officer

He/ Him

Michael Adams is the Chief Executive Officer of SAGE (Advocacy and Services for LGBTQ+ Elders), the world’s largest and oldest organization dedicated to improving the lives of LGBTQ+ older people.

David Rivera-Garcia

Executive Vice President

He/ Him

David Rivera-Garcia, CMA, MBA, is the Executive Vice President/ CFO at SAGE, where he directs Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Operations, and Data Strategy Initiatives.

Michele Giordano

Executive Director

She/ Her

Michele Giordano (she/her) has extensive experience with mission-focused start-ups and nonprofits leading expansion efforts across the U.S. and globally. Previously, Michele was the Senior Vice President of Digital Crisis Services at The Trevor Project. 

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